About Us

Wick Care Farm CIC

In 2104, Isobel and Jo co-founded Wick Care Farm, initially as part of Wick Grange Farm before it eventually became a community interest company (CIC) in 2019.
Isobel, Jo and Tom are directors of Wick Care Farm CIC. Isobel and Jo manage the Care Farm with a fantastic team of staff and volunteers. 

Isobel Care Farm Manager Isobel is an experienced teacher and has worked  in  therapeutic communities for people in mental recovery.  Isobel's main role is to manage the care farm business. On a day to day basis, she gets stuck into most activities at the care farm. She is very keen on the 'field to fork' message, and enjoys the process of growing vegetables, cooking and eating together as a community.
Jo Occupational Therapist Jo's main role is to oversee the therapeutic input at the care farm. Jo has taken on the role of head shepherdess (having had no experience of sheep breeding before we had hand-reared lambs in January 2015.) Jo can usually be heard before she is seen as anything you say will prompt her to burst into song.

Andrea is a former teacher with a particular passion for the great outdoors, travelling, wildlife and nature. She regularly leads creative activities and DIY projects and is always on the lookout for new ideas and inspiration. Andrea’s cheerful and infectious laughter can be heard around the farm when she is working. Her favourite animals on the farm are the turkeys.

Joel RHS qualified gardener.
Joel is often found on the allotment working alongside clients planting and growing veg. for our home cooked lunches.
As a trained chef Joel is always happy to lend a hand in the kitchen.
Joel always keeps his ukulele close at hand in case a group singsong is on the cards.

Keith retired from his job as an IT project manager and moved to the countryside to grow his hair.
Keith can’t resist the bleating of new-born lambs and likes to think of himself as a shepherd.
Keith is the chief quizmaster and we enjoy a wide variety of questions delivered in a gentle Liverpudlian accent which sometimes requires interpreting and makes us giggle… did you say “furry” or “fairy”?

Wick Grange Farm Partnership

Tom manages the farm and is passionate about integrating good farming practices to benefit wildlife as well as production.

As part of Isobel's role on the farm, she hosts educational farm visits.

Malcolm was born on the farm and started farming when he was just 17 years old and is still involved now.

Mima married Malcolm in 1956 and is also a partner in the farm business.