Spring has Sprung in 2021


Spring has sprung and at long last we are seeing some weather warm enough for our groups to take coffee breaks in the Care Farm yard.  The grass has started to grow but thankfully one of our clients is an enthusiastic mower and loves keeping the lawn neat and tidy for the rest of us to enjoy. Our groups are running Monday to Friday with only a couple of spaces available for new referrals. We have recently been excited to welcome back some of our fabulous longstanding volunteers and are pleased to also have a newcomer to the team.


Our 7 Jacob ewes now have 17 lambs between them. Mums and babies are all doing well and give our groups a lot of pleasure. Cherry successfully delivered quads so we are helping out by bottle feeding her lambs twice a day.

Rosebud had twins boys called Cleggy and Compo. Compo was a slow starter and not strong enough to stay with mum so is being hand reared. He was living the life of Riley; spending his nights having sleepovers with his “nurse” and friend Bertie the dog, and his days (once he was on his feet) in the field with his brother and “cousins”. He now lives out with the flock but loves his humans and is straight over for a bit of fuss at any opportunity.

Our piglets, Peggy and Babs, gave us quite a run around the day they arrived. They escaped from their new field (twice!) minutes after being let out of the crate and took us an hour (with the help of a number of wonderful neighbours and friends) to catch. They are now very settled and will happily roll over for a tummy tickle while grunting appreciatively.

The geese are laying well but their laying season is a short one. I would highly recommend scrambled goose egg on toast. If you’ve never tried it you are definitely missing out! Another little known secret is that duck eggs make the best cakes ever!


Tomato (and other) plants are now on sale at the Care Farm gate 7 days a week. There are varieties to suit every palate and every environment, all of which have been tried and tested and have received approval from our discerning groups. Please respect our clients by not asking us for assistance during group times; weekdays 10am-3pm. See our Facebook page for details or contact Isobel@wickgrange.co.uk 


Thanks to the enthusiasm of Pershore Rotary, our determination to raise the money needed to improve and extend the Care Farm buildings continues. 

We have recently applied for and received a Grant for £10,000 from National Lottery “Awards for All”. This grant will go towards essential insulation of the ceilings and walls, to keep the building warm enough for all clients to attend even on the coldest of days. We still have a long way to go with our fundraising and Grant applications before our hopes and dreams can become a reality, but we are getting closer to our goal with every step.

Please help us by signing up for www.easyfundraising.org.uk and nominating Wick Care Farm as the cause you wish to support.


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