The “New Normal” at Wick Care Farm (WCF)

I (Jo Ballin) am writing this as we are adapting our lives to the “new normal” and seemingly well into the “second wave” of the “COVID pandemic”. It amazes me how quickly we automatically use these new expressions in our daily lives, and everyone who attends WCF has been extremely helpful in embracing our new procedures to the best of their ability.

Expert social-distancing at WCF!

People tell us it feels like a safe place to be with these measures in place and that they are pleased to be back at the farm. We started slowly and cautiously with small groups for just a couple of hours at a time. We are now back to our full five hour sessions but with a maximum of six clients and four staff and spread over four days a week rather than three.  

As the weather is changing from glorious sunny, dry days to rather less glorious cold and damp we are needing to spend more time indoors. With social distancing we have to manage peoples’ movement inside the building – it’s a choreographed routine that wouldn’t look out of place on Strictly Come Dancing!

Face coverings are used on and off throughout the day, and are becoming quite eye-catching in their varied designs. We are eagerly waiting to see whether Andrea will design us a turkey style face covering or possible Santa beard in time for Christmas!

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