New Year – New life…

January is not everyone’s favourite time of year. Christmas is over and it seems a long time until we can look forward to warmer weather and longer daylight hours. At Wick Care Farm (WCF) January is a month we very much look forward to in spite of the cold, damp, dark days. Yes indeed we may spend most of our time outside, breaking the ice on the water buckets and trudging through muddy puddles, but at this time of year we eagerly await the arrival of our hand reared (aka cade) Jacob lambs. It is a good job there is not quite so much to do on the veg garden in the winter months as lambs are such wonderful time wasters. At less than a week old the lambs entertain us for hours with their playfulness, their mischievous exploration, and their willingness to curl up on our laps for a cuddle after filling their bellies with milk.

This year we are on names beginning with “C” and have a list of around 46 suggested names to choose from. So far we have 5 lambs called Colin, Clair, Coca-Cola, Connie, and Cedric.

In January 2019 we were on letter “A”. We named our first ewe lamb Lady A after Lady Araminta Aldington, Patron of the Jacob Sheep Society. In April 2019 Lady A and Alicia, along with Arnie and (everyone’s favourite cade lamb) Alan, went to live in Great Comberton. The girls have just had lambs of their own and, although rather shell shocked by the whole event, were keen to tell the boys all about it and show off their new babies.

We are hoping that our 7 adult ewes are now pregnant and due to give birth at the end of March. If you have a special “C” name you would like us to consider please tell us the name, and the story behind why the name is special to you, and we will add it to our list.

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