Open Farm Sunday

I am Laurie Archer, an 11yr old Home Educated child from Worcestershire and I volunteer at a few of Wick Care Farm’s events and today I am reviewing the 2017 Open Farm Sunday. 

Open Farm Sunday is a nationwide festival to celebrate farming across Britain. There are 50,000 farms across the UK yet sadly only 400 took part in this special event which means having Wick involved is even more special!

On Open Farm Sunday, Wick Care Farm was abuzz with people. The volunteers provided a trail, served tea and cake, offered fun with soil experiments and there were tractor rides too! So, whether you are young, old, or just in the middle, Wick had something for everyone.

While I was volunteering, I observed the goings on in order to write a  review of the day.

When you arrived, you were directed to the car park by a friendly traffic warden, one of which was my 9yr old brother. After that, you made your way to the yard where on your left, there was a craft activity tent, a live bee demonstration and a massive tractor to ride. You sat up high in the trailer, munched on home grown peas, and watched the view go by!

After that, there was a wide range of craft and science experiments to try - from muddy fun to sticky glue! And if that wasn’t enough, there was an amazing trail for the whole family to enjoy. Follow the flour and you can’t get lost!  The trail took you round the fields, across the farm track and through the grass. After the walk, (and you’ve collected your sticker) you could walk into the barn and enjoy a wide range of delicious cakes! From scones to lemon drizzle, the café really had it all.  Everyone is very nice and  always happy to help whenever you have a question.

Now you have seen what an utterly incredible place Wick Grange Farm is, I hope you can attend one of their future events soon!   

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