Wick Care Farm Autumn Fundraiser

My name is Laurie Archer and I am 12 years old and have been volunteering at Wick farm since I was 10.

Today I will be writing a little about the fundraiser that was held on Saturday, 23rd of September. Proceeds were divided between supporting projects at Wick Care Farm and the Alzheimer' s Society.

When you arrived at the farm, you were greeted by a friendly warden who showed you  to your parking spot. In the main yard, there was much to see and do! There were stalls selling unique, fun things and everyone on the stalls was very friendly.

Wick Care Farm events are free entry and free parking and you also have many chances to take part in competitions including a tombola and a free prize draw. There are farm animals to visit including pigs, sheep, chickens and geese and there are garden plants for sale.

The lovely thing I feel is that everyone who is there to help is volunteering! The age range is big too. There are volunteers, me included, who are still kids, but what I find great is that regardless of age, everyone has an equal role.

The range of tea and cake were to die for! All of them made by volunteers and lots of people said they tasted GREAT!  I served tea, coffee, cold drinks, cake, sandwiches and soup.  There was lemon drizzle, chocolate, fruit, red velvet and fairy cakes,  and that’s to name just a few! There was also a fantastic range of gluten free cake too. Being gluten free, sugar free and dairy free, it’s hard to eat out and I still found a wonderful cake that was free from all three! I loved it.

Well, that concludes my piece for now but I help at all sorts of events that the farm hold. So, if you fancy swinging by at any of our events, I might just end up serving you in the tearoom!   The next event is the Christmas Fair on Saturday November 25th between 11am-2pm where seasonal food and drinks, plants, gifts, wreaths, chutney and jams will be for sale. Until then,  goodbye!

 Laurie Archer. 

Andy Nash from PKA Photography showing his skills at dog charming..

JoRae Alchemy woman (Therapeutic Coaching) selling Neil's Yard products and natural products made from beeswax

Sue Fry selling beautiful hand crafted textiles. Unique presents...

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